Stay safe on the roads & use your tablet on the move!

Versatile and lightweight, the Tabpack Rucksack is designed to be used as a backup accessory to complement your main rear light.

If you ride in traffic you need something to be attention grabbing so that you don't just blend in to the sea of urban light spill. Positioning a light high up on your body is always a good option so it sits above the level of car lights.

We have designed and produced a truly original backpack to which you can attach your mobile device. Versatile and lightweight, the Tabpack Rucksack is designed to be used as a backup accessory to complement your main rear light.

The unique design of TabPack window allows you to fully maximize your device whilst being safely secure in the pack.

This is when the TabPack turns into a truly magical piece of kit, the device you are carrying can be left on inside the TabPack. You can change it to any colour, make it flash or even write a massage.

Another important feature of the TabPack is it can be dismantled, the mobile pocket and straps are both detachable and can be joined giving you different options on-the-move.

This will also give you piece of mind in bad weather as you can unclip the pocket and place it inside you backpack.

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Use our free app with any Apple mobile device. You can get your tablet to flash any colour and also write any message you like.

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Awesome features

The 'tabpack' allows you to fully maximize all of your tablet’s many functions safely and securely while you are out and about.

Weather Resistant

With a fully waterproof zip and made from 1200d polyester the Tabpack can handle all types of weather.


Take off the pocket and place in your backpack for added security.

Optional Mobile Pocket Size

Mini pocket size 170mm x 230mm
Normal pocket size 230mm x 290mm
Backpack size 250mm x 450mm x 100mm 11.25 litres

See Through Window

Not only is the window see through it also enables the user to use the device whilst inside the pocket.

Sleek & Minimal

Small versatile and lightweight. Fully functional for your daily needs.

Tablet Pack App

Unique app available to load enabling you to create your own visibility.

Tabpacks keep you visible on the move!

Stay safe on the move, buy a tabpack!

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